changing a traditional industry

We built our company on a shared passion for motorcycling and the particular motivation to preserve the old charm of the motorcycle industry with the introduction of new technologies. NXT Motors aims to jump ahead of the curve with a stunning, fully electric motorcycle. We aim for classic beauties with an electrifying performance, combining the old with the new. It is our mission to build motorcycles that are a thrill to ride, provide pure excitement and are as environmental friendly as we can possibly achieve. That’s our legacy!

our journey


A creative brain in the North of The Netherlands is running in overdrive, producing an idea to change a most traditional market. The brain, belonging to Harm Besseling, conceives an idea for an electric motorcycle unlike any other. Beautiful, low maintenance, easy to produce and lighting fast. At the time, Harm finds a design student to help put his initial ideas on paper. The project starts as "Re-Gen Motors", derived from the regenerative qualities of electric motors.


Later this year, Harm connects with David Backx through an investor channel. Similar thinking about the enormous untouched potential of electric motorcycles brings the men together. The value of different backgrounds and having a wider European professional experience, leads them agreeing to cooperate and make this project work.


The search for funds begins. Through investor contacts, Harm and David meet Roel De Geus, who is eager to support building up a story from scratch. With his extensive international level experience in sales, he proves the right man to have on-board and make the project successful.


The business model is shaped and the direction of our future is getting much clearer as time passes by. Ideas emerge to rebrand Re-Gen Motors to "NXT Motors", where NXT reads as "Next Motors" … an obvious link to where we think the future of motorcycles lays.


In view of the following steps, NXT Motors BV is officially established in The Netherlands.


A cooperation with Antwerp (Belgium) based Industrial Design studio FRANK is set-up. With their fresh approach and interest in future mobility projects, FRANK is a perfect match for NXT Motors. Working closely together with FRANK on the creative aspects, corporate branding begins to take shape and the first outlines of the new motorcycle are put to paper.


Later this year, NXT Motors successfully closes its first crowd funding campaign. This injection of working capital allows the continuation of the motorcycle's development and the building of a first prototype.


Exciting moments when the first prototype is gradually being assembled and nearing completion. None of us can wait to take it onto the track for a first ride! Anticipating development for production, new working capital is being raised through a follow-up crowd funding campaign.

what we do

We build and design fully electric motorcycles. Three keywords define what a NXT motorcycle must comply to: Experience, Excitement and Environment. Our electric motorcycles should deliver the best driving experience, dazzle the rider with its performance and capabilities, and be built in the most Environmental friendly way to accompany its green character.


With our in-house developed zero-emission drive train, NXT Motors produces motorcycles that are in many ways superior to its internal combustion engines powered competitors. The electric motors have only one moving part, resulting in less frequent maintenance and a significantly improved running cost. The motor delivers its power directly to the rear wheel without gearbox, delivering pure, guilt-free performance by simply turning your wrist. It also reveals the smoothest and most quiet ride you have ever experienced.


And there is more than only great looks and impressive performance. We understand that correct pricing of a product is key to building a success story. We believe in lean manufacturing and ditto company structure. We design our motorcycles with an industrial style, having as little components as possible to reduce manufacturing cost and build a product that withstands the test of time.

where we go

We are currently raising capital to complete the development of our NXT ONE Series motorcycles and be ready for setting-up mass production. The first fully functioning prototype is currently being tested, after which a pre-series production model will be prepared to answer to strict mechanical demands and tests for homologation.


NXT Motors has the clear ambition to develop a new motorcycle brand and stay in business in a currently still rather traditional industry. This means that we will have to develop a full product line. Following the release of NXT ONE Series in both sales channel and in production, NXT Motors’ development team will continue to roll-out its product road map.